Arkansas fans circled this Saturday’s matchup with Kentucky as the game the Razorbacks would end their SEC losing streak. It didn’t happen, as the Wildcats knocked off the Razorbacks, 24-20.

Now there aren’t too many winnable games remaining on the Arkansas schedule.

That’s extremely frustrating for the fan base, which has been forced to bear 12 straight losses since Chad Morris began head coach at the beginning of 2018.

“Extremely frustrating,” Morris said after the loss. “Did not feel like we executed in the key moments when we needed to the most. To get a stop or get the ball, and come away with points in the red zone. Early in the game, it was disappointing.”

Here’s what else Morris said after the loss to Kentucky:

More on struggling to score touchdowns in the red zone: Where we are in our program right now, when we get the ball in the red zone, we have to score touchdowns. We were unable to do that, especially early on when we had the momentum. Came away with points, which was good, but again, as I’ve mentioned it before, we’ve got to score touchdowns.

On facing quarterback Lynn Bowie: Credit coach Stoops and obviously Lynn Bowie. Just an unbelievable football player. We knew that coming in. We knew he was going to be the quarterback. We felt that they would put the ball in his hands most of the night.

On Kentucky’s offensive game plan & lack of execution in the third quarter: 54 runs, defense was on the field entirely too much in the third quarter. We went two 3-and-outs, again. Six plays, six yards in the third quarter. Had the ball for 3:45. It’s hard to hold onto any momentum when you do that. That was very disappointing. They had the ball for 11:15, and obviously flipped the momentum in the third quarter.

On taking the lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter: I was proud of the way our guys fought back, gave us a chance, but we couldn’t sustain the momentum early in the game.

Check out Morris’ full postgame press conference introduction: