The annual Tiger Bowl is just around the corner, and the 2019 version has everything on the line. But if you’re a neutral fan, who should you root for in this Tigers vs. Tigers battle? Bama fans, please don’t answer.

But for everyone else, we’re here to help you out. We put together a list of 20 reasons why it’s better to be an Auburn fan than an LSU fan. Don’t worry LSU fans, you can find your list here.

1. You never had a coach who ate grass

To be fair to Les Miles, that’s probably tastier than most other food out in the bayou.

2. Your fans show up to day games

Have you ever seen Tiger Stadium at a noon kick? Not quite as intimidating.

3. You actually have a rival

Imagine how boring college football would be if you didn’t have an archrival to obsessively hate all year long.

4. The entire town shuts down for football

Good luck finding anyone doing something other than watching Auburn football on a Saturday.

5. You get to properly enjoy the greatest QB run of all time

Who’s that team on defense there?

6. You get a very special, complicated, love/hate relationship with your head coach

There’s no one quite like Gus.

7. You can actually recruit quarterbacks, not just take Big Ten leftovers

But we’ll still take Joe Burrow, obviously.

8. No other fan base will ever experience the thrill of November 2013

The Prayer at Jordan Hare, the Kick-6, winning the SEC, going to the Rose Bowl. Just don’t ask about anything after that.

9. Ed Orgeron doesn’t have moves like this

10. Your fan base doesn’t need 10 hours of drinking and tailgating to be loud

LSU needs night games because their fans need a head start.

11. You didn’t have to suffer through 10 years of a horrible offense before finally getting a good one

LSU fans act like they’re the first ones who figured out how to throw the ball.

12. Your coach didn’t leave you for the Miami Dolphins

At Auburn, you’re not leaving unless we tell you to go.

13. You get to have 2 animal mascots instead of just 1

War Damn Eagle.

14. You don’t have to be blackout drunk to understand what your head coach is saying

“Wehjkld fdhjfd, go Tigers” — Coach O.

15. You never tried and failed to hire Jimbo Fisher

We’ll take our chances with Gus, thank you very much.

16. You know what it’s like to beat Alabama within the past 8 years

LSU has no idea what that’s like or how much fun it is.

17. Your basketball coach isn’t the target of an FBI investigation (anymore)

Sorry, but it’s true.

18. Your head coach is always adequately dressed for a mildly chilly day

There’s a sweater or sweater vest for every season.

19. No LSU player will ever be as good as Bo Jackson

It’s impossible. Don’t even try.

20. At least neither you or LSU have LED lights in your stadium

Please Lord, let this trend die.