The annual Tiger Bowl is just around the corner, and the 2019 version has everything on the line. But if you’re a neutral fan, who should you root for in this Tigers vs. Tigers battle? Bama fans, please don’t answer.

But for everyone else, we’re here to help you out. We put together a list of 20 reasons why it’s better to be an LSU fan than an Auburn fan. Sorry Auburn fans, your list is coming soon.

1. You don’t cover your campus in toilet paper

Auburn needs toilet paper because its campus is a dump.

2. Your coach speaks a language only you and your fellow fans can speak

Coach O doesn’t have an accent, he’s just speaking in Parseltongue for LSU fans.

3. Everyone is afraid of your stadium

Nowhere in college football is more intimidating than LSU at night.

4. You get to wear purple

There aren’t too many occasions when it’s appropriate for an adult man to wear all purple, so enjoy it when you can.

5. You never have to worry about not being the best team in your state

Sorry Tulane and La-Monroe. It’s true.

6. You get the best tailgate food anywhere in the SEC

There’s no debating this.

7. You don’t get incredibly nervous every time your QB drops back to pass (anymore)

Auburn fans don’t know what this is like.

8. You know when a basketball game is officially over.

Auburn fans definitely don’t know this.

9. You can beat Florida

How did that game go for you Auburn fans?

10. You got to make Matthew McConaughey very sad

Auburn only does this to their own fans.

11. Your biggest rival is whoever you hate most at the current moment

Is it Alabama? Arkansas? A&M? Who knows, you get to hate everyone equally.

12. Leonard Fournette highlights never get old

Imagine being on the receiving end of this beatdown. Ouch.

13. Baton Rouge is an actual city

Auburn is more of a rest stop.

14. It’s only a 90 minute drive to New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl

In Alabama, you have to drive 90 minutes just to find wi-fi.

15. Your QB’s gorgeous backside

Enough said.

16. You have more 5-star cornerbacks than you know what to do with

LSU is DBU for a reason.

17. You don’t have to watch Bruce Pearl sweat through his shirt every basketball game

Maybe that’s why they need so much toilet paper.

18. No fan base can ever out-drink you

OK, maybe Wisconsin. But that’s it.

19. You don’t have to run 12 trick plays and a gimmicky offense to score points

Looking at you, Gus.

20. You get to sing Neck (even if the band won’t)

Only true LSU fans and students will know the joy of this.