Andy Burcham made his regular appearance on WJOX on Wednesday, and offered his thoughts on the Auburn quarterback situation, as multiple reports on Tuesday suggested that TJ Finley would be unavailable this week because of a shoulder injury.

“Obviously if TJ can’t go, and there’s been no confirmation from Auburn to this point about his medical condition, doesn’t mean that it’s not true,” said Burcham, the radio play-by-play voice for Auburn. “Then I think we would see Robby Ashford get the start, and perhaps you see the first of Zach Calzada on the playing surface at Pat Dye Field as well.”

Burcham noted that Calzada missed spring practice, and was expected to be among the favorites to win the job in fall camp, but it just didn’t happen. Burcham said Calzada could get playing time if Finley can’t go, and he believes that’s still speculation at this point.

Burcham said Ashford’s potential first college start comes in a big way because it’s Auburn’s SEC opener.

“It’s a way for Auburn to do something in a positive manner,” he said. “Trying to put last week behind it and I think Auburn is anxious to do that at this point.”