During last year’s Auburn-Texas A&M game, freshman Tigers cornerback Jeremiah Dinson was chasing after Kyler Murray who was trying to run for a touchdown. While in pursuit, Aggies wide receiver Ricky Seals-Jones decided to take Dinson out of the play completely.

Seals-Jones, at 6-foot-5, 240 pounds, laid out the 6-foot, 177-pound defensive back while he wasn’t looking. The play can be seen in the background of the video below, where the SEC took another look at the play.

In result of the collision, Dinson tore three of four ligaments in his right knee, which were also dislocated, and suffered a dislocated shoulder as well. The injury took Dinson off the field for the rest of his freshman season.

Now, a sophomore, Dinson is hoping to get back on the field. He has not taken any interviews since the injury, but his spirits are in the right place.

According to al.com, Dinson has had his lows over the past 10 months, but has never doubted getting back onto the field. He has believed his faith has kept him grounded during recovery.

Dinson has reportedly “worked his tail off” and the progress being made has been “tremendous.” He has yet to be cleared by Auburn’s medical staff to fully return to the field, but has told his father that he is around, “like 85 percent.”

Since the hit, Seals-Jones hasn’t talked to Dinson personally, but wished him a speedy recovery during SEC Media Days in July.