Auburn linebacker Deshaun Davis was called for targeting in the first half of a 23-16 win over Vanderbilt Saturday, making it the second one of the season for the Tigers’ defense.

Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele was asked about the call on Sunday, and his response was rather similar to the first time.

“I’m not going to say anything that’s above my pay grade,” Steele said, via the Ledger-Enquirer. “I’ll let someone who has got a higher pay grade pay a higher fine.”

Instead, he told reporters the advice he gives his players in these situations.

“First, you got to keep your eyes up and second, you have to know how they call it,” Steele said. “You got to avoid how they call it, just got to avoid it.”

Steele has recognized the vast amount of changes the game has seen over the years, though, particularly with the way defenders have had to adjust their tackling techniques.

“You got to realize in 1980 we just tackled,” said Steele. “Now, you really got to spend time on it and rightfully so for the safety of the game. I totally get that. You got to spend it. The thing that’s very concerning is the head to head contact. Keep your eyes up and no head to head contact.”