Typically, it’s losing that leaves fans miserable after their team’s game. Auburn, however, has made USA TODAY’s “Misery Index” after a 20-14 win over Ole Miss.

“The Tigers’ 20-14 win over Ole Miss was what we like to call a Misery Index unicorn — the rare game where both fan bases left the stadium feeling absolutely awful,” Wolken writes introducing AU in his Sunday column.

After touching on why it has been a miserable 2019 season for Ole Miss, Wolken turns back to Auburn, saying the Tigers “might be the most uninspiring 7-2 team in many years.” He continues:

“It sort of defies logic that Auburn actually played one of its more sound offensive games this year — freshman quarterback Bo Nix was quite accurate with 340 yards passing, and Auburn added 167 rushing yards while committing just one turnover — and still gave the ball back to Ole Miss with 1:14 left needing a stop to secure victory. Nothing has been smooth or easy for Auburn this year, but that’s just the way it’s going to be. The real story, though, was the empty seats and general lack of enthusiasm by Auburn fans, which was noted by multiple players on Twitter after the game. Offensive linemen Marquel Harrell even went so far as to tweet: “Yall ungrateful and that’s on my momma.” Though “ungrateful” may not be the right word choice, it’s true that Auburn fans are acting more like their team is 2-7 than 7-2. But, as always, if the Tigers can beat Georgia and Alabama, all will be forgiven.”

Wolken did not forget the SEC West program that’s seemingly miserable on a weekly basis: Arkansas.

“[T]he biggest indictment of the Chad Morris era is that Arkansas just doesn’t matter,” Wolken writes. “The Razorbacks aren’t even a nuisance to the SEC, they’re just filling a place on a schedule. Arkansas is on a 17-game SEC losing streak, and given its best chance to perhaps end that run of futility on Saturday, it lost 54-24 at home to a Mississippi State team that will have to scratch and claw to get to 6-6. Of the many disasters Morris has concocted during his short tenure, this might have been the most glaring.”

Wolken hints that the Morris situation is so bad that Arkansas might break from the conventional wisdom of giving a coach at least a third season:

It’s a disaster, and though nobody wants to fire a coach after two years, the cost of bringing Morris back is likely to far exceed the $10 million it will take to get rid of him.

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