We’re so close to the first Saturday of (real) College Football. What does that mean? It means the painstakingly long 8 months of misery we’ve endured without football has almost come to an end. Normal people call that “Spring” and “Summer.” I call it allergy and WNBA season where I’m dead behind the eyes until football is back.

In order to get you ready for the upcoming season I’ve written a series of “articles” listing my most pressing questions and areas of concern around from the SEC. In this installment, we take a deep look at the Auburn Tigers.

So, without further ado, here are my 25 biggest questions facing Gus Malzahn, Jarrett Stidham and The 2017 Peach Bowl Runners-Up ….

1. How much money has Malzahn spent on sweater vests and All-Star specials at Waffle House since signing his new $49 million contract?

2. How much money was Malzahn actually worth?

3. How awesome is our Jumbotron?!

4. Will Nick Saban ever beat a 9 win Auburn team?

5. Will we get to 9 wins with how difficult our schedule is?

6. Have we fired whoever is responsible for making this year’s schedule?

7. Seriously though — how bad is that Jumbotron y’all?!?!

Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

8. Are we going to beat Washington Week 1 in Atlanta?

9. Is it too late to reschedule that game to literally anywhere but Atlanta considering our track record there?

10. Will Jarrett Stidham put up even better numbers in his second year under Malzahn?

11. Will Jarrett Stidham be the best QB in the SEC?

12. Will Jarrett Stidham win the Heisman?

13. Is Jarrett Stidham reading this and, if so, can we be best friends?

Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

14. Who will be Auburn’s next All-American kicker, and will he stay for a full 11 years of eligibility like Daniel Carlson did?

15. How will the O-Line be with 4 new starters?

16. Will the WR corps still be one of the best in the SEC despite losing two players to injury this spring?

17. Will WR Ryan Davis have over 100 receptions this year after having 84 in 2017?

18. Will an Auburn RB rush for 1,000 yards for the 10th consecutive season?

19. Is Gus Malzahn ever going to develop a QB that he recruited or will he just keep cherry-picking cast members from Last Chance U?

20. Have other SEC fans forgiven us for losing to UCF and causing all their fake National Title BS?

21. Did that brunette ever get out of the hedges after the Iron Bowl or is she still stuck there?

Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

22. Will the D-Line be even better than the 2017 unit that had 37 sacks?

23. Is the Auburn D-Line the best in the country besides Clemson?

24. Does Auburn have the best defense in the SEC?

25. When the hell did Auburn become a defensive team?!