When it comes to rolling Toomer’s Corner, there may not be a better tradition in all of sports.

You don’t have to take our word for it, USA TODAY readers’ recently voted for the top tradition in sports and the results of the poll gave the rolling of Toomer’s Corner top honors.

The Auburn tradition beat out several SEC traditions that landed on the top 10, here’s the complete list from USA TODAY’s 10best.com:

  1. Rolling Toomer’s Corner – Auburn 
  2. March On – Army & Navy
  3. Midnight Yell – Texas A&M 
  4. The Grove – Ole Miss 
  5. Raider Nation – Oakland
  6. Sooner Schooner – Oklahoma
  7. Script Ohio – Ohio State
  8. Jump Around – Wisconsin
  9. Cowbell – Mississippi State 
  10. Planting of the Flaming Spear – Florida State

Which SEC tradition do you think is the best? Did it land on this list?