Auburn QB Bo Nix admitted that the loss at Florida came in the loudest environment he’s played in so far in his career. The freshman said the Tigers’ defense “played their butt off” and gave the team all the chances in the world to win.

“The offense just didn’t get it done, and the quarterback didn’t get it done,” Nix said, via Auburn Football. “I feel like we left a lot out there on the field and we had so many chances to do some things, and we just let them get through our hands.”

Auburn finished with 269 yards and converted just 2-of-14 third-down attempts. The Tigers also had four turnovers and six three-and-outs. Nix was 11-of-27 passing for 145 yards, with a touchdown and three interceptions, his first turnovers since the season opener. He was sacked twice, once for a 22-yard loss that was especially troubling.

Nix said his mistakes were off of scheme, but he admitted to making three of them, unfortunately.

Nix agreed with coach Gus Malzahn that this is good timing for an off week.

“I’d say so, any time coming off a loss this big, and a loss that hurts this much, it’s good to regroup,” he said, and added that he could work on timing and accuracy. “I know we’ll regroup and we’ll come back and we’ll be a good team again.”

Nix said his teammates supported him, as he did them, and was disappointed that he didn’t play his role in the loss.

“I feel like I let them down in certain areas,” he said.