Bryan Harsin and Auburn are on to the bye week coming off a big win at Arkansas as the Tigers are 5-2 as they take time off ahead of their game against Ole Miss on Oct. 30.

“Overall, proud of our guys, really good effort,” Harsin said. “I think we can learn from that. We’ve got to take advantage of the bye week. Get a few guys healthy, get better at the stuff we’ve been working on and get ready to play against Ole Miss at home.”

Harsin was asked about his message to Bo Nix and how he responds to outside messages from fans and media. He said Nix and the quarterbacks are no different than anyone else on the team, it’s just that they have a job to do like everyone else.

“Bottom line, don’t listen to anything other than what we’re trying to do,” Harsin said. “There’s a lot of messages that are available to our players, there’s a lot of storylines and things like that. The main one is just what we’re focused on. What do we have to do, and what do you as a player have to do to get better, that’s the bottom line.”