Bryan Harsin has worked on sharing more of his personality since his job was in jeopardy during an internal inquiry nearly cost him his job. Since then, the Auburn coach has launched a podcast and in general tried to show more of his sense of humor.

On Friday, he made progress with the media with a T-shirt handout during the first media viewing of fall camp. The T-shirt had this phrase: “I went to AUBURN FOOTBALL PRACTICE and all I got was this WAR DAMN T-shirt.”

Harsin on Thursday spoke with reporters as he opened fall camp mode. Harsin said he was excited for “talking season” to be over, and “That’s what’s great about getting out there and playing — you get to settle the score.”

Harsin then explained how a scout team or special teams player could still contribute.

“Most spots are open for competition. … Everybody on this team is going to help us win,” he said.

On Thursday, Harsin was expected to host the team’s seniors at his house where former Auburn running back Ronnie Brown was set to speak with them.

About the quarterbacks, Harsin said the plan for Auburn’s quarterbacks is “ironed out,” and all 4 scholarship QBs should receive first-team reps throughout the preseason.