Bryan Harsin doesn’t know when it’s happening, but the first-year Auburn head coach is ready to see Texas and Oklahoma in the SEC.

“That’s something that I think says a lot about the SEC,” Harsin told reporters Thursday. “You’ve got two really good programs that have done well for themselves. I was at Texas so I got a chance to experience that and that brand. And then, obviously, have a chance to play Oklahoma and watch them over the years so I think that says a lot about the conference.

“I don’t know all the details of it but we’re gonna welcome them and we’ll certainly be seeing them, like we have already in the recruiting trail and things like that. When it’s time to go out there and compete against them, I think it’s gonna make the SEC conference better.”

Harsin has been in coaching since 2000 and has spent most of the last two decades at Boise State, his alma mater. He was Boise State’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the program’s epic upset over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl in January 2007. Harsin was later on staff at Texas as co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the 2011 and ’12 seasons, adding to his familiarity facing the Sooners.