Bryan Harsin is trying to work on things to improve during Auburn’s bye week ahead of next week’s game against Arkansas.

He shared some of what the Tigers are working on this week on Wednesday during the SEC coaches media teleconference.

“As far as other things we can improve upon, tackling … we ran the ball better,” Harsin said. “… There were still some missed opportunities and that’s why you go to work every single day.”

On Chick Dawson and Landen King, and their availability, Harsin said, “Dawson’s been available. Between him, Jake Fair and Ja’Varrius Johnson, those guys have all been competing at those spots. … Landen we saw him early. He’s not available right now. We’ll see what that looks like moving forward.”

While fans remain restless about the program, Harsin shared this message to fans during the bye week.

“It’s the same thing. We talk about the kind of people we want to have in our program. It all starts there. You have to go find and attract the best people who come in and want to be a part of your program,” Harsin said. “… It starts with guys that are accountable and disciplined and are going to handle their business. … Guys that believe in what we’re doing. That’s the key to success in anything you do, there’s gotta be a belief in what you’re doing.”