Auburn coach Bryan Harsin knew what he was getting in Shaun Shivers as soon as he saw Shivers knocked off an Alabama helmet he saw in a video clip of the 2019 Iron Bowl.

Shivers had just 276 rushing yards in 8 games last season, after a 2019 season when he churned out 286 yards and 3 scores. Harsin said he likes Shivers, and they had a conversation about how the coach planned to use the running back in the offense.

“I’ve seen that clip of him coming around on the sweep, I’ve seen that helmet pop off,” Harsin told reporters after practice on Saturday. “I don’t remember any reps where he’s not going hard at practice.”

Harsin also noted that versatile big man, and tight end J.J. Pegues is working with the defensive line. He’s playing some tackle now, but he can do both.

“He’s athletic and can do a lot of things,” Harsin said.

About Bo Nix learning the offense, Harsin noted, “Bo’s smart. Bo has picked it up.”

About the offensive line, Harsin said he’s seen “flashes” of all 5 guys on the offensive line working together. “The challenge” is doing it consistently. “Communicate, make adjustments and go out there and execute the play,” he said.

The indoor scrimmage on Saturday was not live because of space reasons, and it included 3 or 4 turnovers, including 2 returned for touchdowns.

Harsin said the exact format for A-Day is still being decided. He wants to discuss with coaches what exactly they think Auburn needs to work on most next Saturday.

H/T Josh Vitale.