Cadillac Williams has led Auburn to consecutive wins and is 2-1 since being named interim head coach after Bryan Harsin was fired at the end of October.

Williams recently appeared on the “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning” radio show and was asked about what he has done to turns things around the for the Tigers.

The former star Auburn running back highlighted two key changes.

“I think one of the biggest differences, I got Chette Williams just more involved, not to say that he wasn’t involved with the prior staff,” Cadillac Williams said. “But me personally, I made it a priority. Brother Chette is our team chaplain. He has been here, played here. I think Coach (Tommy)  Tubberville brought him in with in 1998, 1999, one of those years.”

The 2 men are not related, but Cadillac said Chette has been impacting people on the Auburn campus for decades.

“I have seen the direct impact that he has had on people’s lives,” Cadillac said. “… Two decades later, my friends and I still talk about him.”

The other big change, according to Coach Williams was how he defined his role and how he wanted his players to interact with the Auburn staff.

“The second thing is just serving,” Williams said. “Auburn’s family. Auburn’s royalty, man. It’s a place of giving, a place of changing lives, a place of integrity. … I challenged these guys that in order for us to help you out, the coaching staff, like, we’re all in, but you guys are going to have to open your hearts. … I was asking those guys to truly open their hearts. Don’t be close-minded. … Let’s beef up the communication.”

You can listen to the entire segment with Williams in the tweet below: