Auburn fans are becoming increasingly restless about Gus Malzahn leading the Tigers going forward, but college football handicapper Danny Sheridan explained the odds he sees of Malzahn finishing his recently signed seven-year contract.

In December, Malzahn and Auburn agreed to the new $49 million extension. Malzahn’s previous contract at Auburn was for $4.725 million each year through 2020.

“I would say his future in the next two years – of course not knowing the results of Georgia and Alabama game – I’d say his future is even money,” Sheridan told “I would say he is a considerable underdog to not complete his seven-year contract that he signed in December.”

Sheridan, and Auburn fans, don’t need to be reminded that the Tigers are 4-4 since Malzahn signed the contract following two big wins over Auburn’s arch-rivals, and flirtation with Arkansas.

“It’s mediocrity at Auburn over the last four years,” Sheridan said. “It looks like they are going to lose three or four more games this year.┬áThe only person who would give a coach like that, with a mediocre record, is a president. A president has no business giving a contract to him. His agent, Jimmy Sexton, should be in the hall of fame for that contract.

“No president that I know of should ever make that decision because it isn’t his territory. Only a neophyte, an ignorant – ignorant being ignorant of the facts – president would make a deal like that. He isn’t stupid, just ignorant of athletics. He should be able to approve everything, but not make the deal.”

In six years at Auburn, Malzahn has a 49-24 record.