Charles Barkley delivered a memorable career as an NBA player. However, he’s unlikely to be asked to help any team manager clean uniforms in the future.

During a segment for CBS Sports on Friday, Barkley gave a shout-out to trainers and equipment managers for their role in March Madness. But he also revealed that he used to take a shower in his game uniform to clean the jersey.

“Shout out to all the trainers and all the guys that do all the uniforms, to get these uniforms cleaned up and everything. I’m so old we used to take showers in our uniforms,” said Barkley.

Kenny Smith was not sold on Barkley’s claim and interrupted him.

“Wait, time out. There’s no era where you did this,” countered Smith. “There’s no way you were supposed to wash your uniform with it on. You’re making this up.”

Undeterred, Barkley finished his story and explained why it was normal practice for him during his early NBA playing days:

“I’m not. When I first got to the NBA, we flew commercial,” explained Barkley. “You played the night before and flew the next morning, when exactly were you going to get the uniform cleaned? you had to wash your uniform yourself, so after the game, you get to your room and you took a shower in your uniform and dried it and dropped it on the commercial flight the next day.”

Here’s the full discussion with the CBS crew exchanging some laughs throughout: