There are 2 words that Charles Barkley will never utter: “Roll Tide.”

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. The NBA legend and Basketball Hall of Famer went to Auburn back in the day, and he’s never shy about sharing his love for the Tigers and his distaste for Alabama. It’s among the top rivalries in college sports, and Barkley does his part to help keep it that way.

On Tuesday night’s broadcast of “Inside the NBA” on TNT, Barkley showed what limits he’s willing to go to in order to not support the Crimson Tide in any way. While playing the “Whisper Challenge” game, Kenny Smith tried to get Barkley to guess the phrase, “Roll Tide.”

And although it was clear Barkley knew what Smith was saying, he refused to utter those 2 words:

If Barkley isn’t willing to give a “Roll Tide” in an effort to win a competition, then there may be nothing that could be done to get him to say it. He dislikes Alabama that much.

It sure provided for another funny Barkley moment, which there have been plenty of over the years.