Auburn has now suffered its second player to opt-out for the coming college football season as defensive back Traivon Leonard announced he won’t be playing in 2020 due to health and safety concerns.

According to Leonard, he tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago and has struggled with simple tasks such as washing his face after being affected by the virus. While Leonard’s condition may have been bad at one time, he does note he is “making the strides to get better everyday health wise” in the post below.

Leonard’s decision comes just a day after senior linebacker Chandler Wooten announced his decision to opt-out of the coming season. Wooten’s plan is to redshirt in 2020 and return to the Tigers in 2021.

Unlike Leonard, Wooten did not cite his own health as his reason for sitting out. Instead, Wooten noted he has a son on the way and his first priority is ensuring the newborn’s safety.

During his time at Auburn, Leonard has seen the field in a limited role only.

Here is his statement posted to Instagram announcing his decision to opt-out for the coming season.