The Auburn Tigers were caught up in a federal investigation into college basketball when assistant coach Chuck Person was arrested back in 2017.

After that arrest, the Tigers quickly acted, imposing some harsh self-imposed penalties to try to avoid major NCAA sanctions.

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Now, some of those penalties are coming to light. Per a report from, the Tigers didn’t do any recruiting for a seven-month period during the 2017-18 season:

Those sanctions included restrictions that limited unofficial visits, official visits, contacts, evaluations and phone calls.

In fact, Auburn did not conduct recruiting of any kind from September 2017-April 2018, Auburn Athletics told There were no official visits, no unofficial visits, and no contacts or phone calls made to any recruits during that time.

Last month, coach Bruce Pearl said he anticipated more sanctions, but added that he thought “the worst is behind us.”

Will that prove to be true? We’ll find out this offseason, probably.