There are several potential candidates in the rumor mill after Auburn fired head coach Bryan Harsin but perhaps the most intriguing name floating around is Coach Prime.

What Prime has accomplished at a school as small as Jackson State has been nothing short of impressive and now some are wondering if he could potentially be headed to The Plains at some point in the future.

“Now that he has a track record, there’s no question about it,” Keyshawn Johnson of said. “I just don’t know that the decision-makers at Auburn are ready for Deion Sanders’ type. I just don’t know that they are. You’re in a different type of situation when you’re dealing in that part of the country. The recruiting trail, all of that.”

It was also noted that Prime may be the most in-touch coach when it comes to being modern and with “pop culture.” That’s certainly something that has stood out about him in a positive way.

It will be interesting to see how things play out and how the process evolves as Auburn looks for its next head coach.