Bo Nix has a chance for a special season with the Oregon Ducks, and a former star of the program even suggests that the College Football Playoff is a distinct possibility.

“If Bo Nix doesn’t lose the game — put it like that — Oregon could be a Playoff team. Could,” Schwartz said on the latest episode of The Saturday Down South Podcast. “They could be the best team in the Pac-12. They beat Utah if they have a decent quarterback.”

Of course, Nix, coach Dan Lanning and the rest of the Ducks get started with a return to the SEC in a season-opening matchup with Georgia.

“They’ll lose to Georgia Week 1. I don’t imagine they’ll beat Georgia,” Schwartz said. “That obviously hurts them. So 11-2 if Bo Nix is good. But they’re probably a 9-win team, though. I’m not banking on that being a thing that Oregon is. They’re 9-4. That’s my take on what Oregon will be this year. But next year, 10 or 11 wins should happen. I’m not one of these guys that thinks the only successful season is a Playoff berth. Dan Lanning’s first year at 9-4 would be great. It would be awesome. Year 2? Yeah, I want 11 wins.”

It seems the former Auburn quarterback continued some of the traits he was known for at Auburn.

“The Bo Nix thing terrifies me,” Schwartz said. “He looked really good (in the spring game) and then he had a few of those terrible interceptions. You can’t have those. That’s what kills your team.”