The end of the first half in the Kentucky-Auburn game on Saturday afternoon was steeped in controversy.

First, there was a play where Kentucky appeared to easily score a touchdown, but refs ruled the runner down short.

That was followed by an apparent pick-6 by Auburn CB Roger McCreary, but that was also taken off the board thanks to a flag for targeting on Auburn.

Here’s the pick-6 play, where you can see what was supposedly called targeting by the refs:

Let’s just say Auburn coach Gus Malzahn wasn’t too pleased with the targeting call at halftime. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I don’t know, I hope it was a common sense deal,” Malzahn said. “Because that was a big-time play right there. We were up 8-7, they were about to score. We made a game-changing play. It was a touchdown and they called it back. I hope like crazy that’s a common sense call.”

We have a feeling Malzahn is going to be even more upset when he sees the play again.