Cam Newton excited football fans on Sunday when he signed with the New England Patriots. Not everyone, however, is sold on the former Auburn standout as Bill Belichick’s new QB1. Gene Chizik was the head coach for Newton’s lone season as a Tiger. Chizik recently joined Sirius XM College Sports to share that he believes Newton will exceed expectations as a Patriot.

“When Cam gets into the building, he’s all business, he’s a football dude,” Chizik told the show. “He loves it, he eats it up, he studies the game – it matters to him. So, he’ll adapt and adjust. What Bill wants — he wants a guy to come into the building and is all football. How he cares about the way he dresses and what he wears – I don’t know. Now, Cam will be on point in the messaging. Whatever Bill’s message is, he will make it clear that is the expectation for what Cam’s message is.

“So, although it seems like it’s oil and water because you got this one conservative guy who lives by the motto of ‘the less you say the less you have to take back,’ I still think that he’s all about the football grind and he wants football guys and I think that’s what attracted him to Cam. So I think it’s going to work better than most people think. It’s a win-win for New England. If Cam comes in there and he becomes anything close to the 2015 MVP that he was, it’s a win. And I think that’s all Bill cares about. I think when Cam gets into the building, they’ll be on the same page.”

Newton signed an incentive-based deal that has New England taking a minimal risk on the veteran quarterback who has dealt with injuries in recent years. Fellow former Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham and NFL veteran Brian Hoyer are also set to compete for the Patriots starting job.

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