Greg McElroy admitted to burning the tape of Auburn’s loss to Penn State, but against Missouri, the ESPN and WJOX commentator offered some optimism.

“The Auburn game last week, there were some things I think you could do,” McElroy said. “One, I think Koy Moore’s a really good player. You could feature him and you could move him around. I think he’s smart enough to handle some of the slide stuff, and I think some of their boot-leg stuff, I would have 10 different boot legs in.”

McElroy also said that Robby Ashford could have pulled the ball for more quarterback runs.

“There were probably 5 or 6 examples where had they executed something a little bit better, or made a slightly better read, they’re in pretty good shape,” he said. “And I think if they continue to really read into the zone-read stuff, there’s a chance for that to be successful.”

McElroy then gave Bryan Harsin some advice and said to put on Adrian Martinez film for Ashford because those quarterbacks are very similar at this point as freshmen.

“If you watch how Adrian Martinez invites the pass rush and then boom, finds a seam, up the middle, between the guards and between the tackles, and attacks it vertically as opposed to running around … he’s very, very dynamic when he gets a full head of steam,” McElroy said.