Dan Mullen wasn’t happy with Marlon Davidson’s low hit on Kyle Trask. He thought the hit was intentional, and he called it a “dirty play” during his halftime interview.

It was revealed after the game that Trask sprained his MCL during the second quarter hit only to return to finish all four quarters. Davidson also apologized for the hit during his post-game press conference, and both Davidson and Trask embraced after the game. After watching the replay, it obviously looked like Davidson didn’t intentionally hit Trask low.

Gus Malzahn attended his regularly scheduled Sunday night press conference, and he responded to Mullen’s comments. Malzahn backed his player, saying Davidson is not a dirty player. 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello had Malzahn’s comment.

Malzahn also said that he has not reached out to Mullen yet, but we think he will at some point. Mullen will likely address the hit again during his Monday press conference.