Auburn players will be coached a little differently starting Saturday. This season, both Tigers play-callers will be down on the sidelines.

In his previous three seasons at Auburn, Steele has coached all in-season games from the booth. In Dallas, however, he’ll be down on the sideline.

“I’m excited about that,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said, per’s Tom Green. “I think that will be good in a lot of different ways.”

Malzahn, who is on the sideline as the head coach, is back to calling the plays on offense this season. Green writes that he and Steele discussed the defensive coordinator’s move during the offseason.

“I think it’s really, really good in both ways,” Malzahn said. “I like him down there, and he likes being down there. You know, in practice, that’s where everybody’s at. So, I think that will be a really good move moving forward.”

Steele has some familiarity with coaching from the sideline. In addition to coaching practices from the sideline, it’s also where has coached the spring game. Per Green, Malzahn remembered Steele coaching Clemson’s defense from the sidelines when the two teams faced off in 2010 and ’11.

Senior safety Jeremiah Dinson told Green that having Steele on the sideline should streamline the process for defensive adjustments.

“It’s a positive,” Dinson said. “… We don’t have to wait to go in to halftime and him drawing up these different adjustments. He can just do it on the sideline. He’s a smart, smart defensive coordinator, so he’ll probably be calling plays out before it even happens. We probably won’t hear him, but it’s good to have him down there just for the adjustments.”

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