With RB Boobee Whitlow missing time off and on this season, the Auburn Tigers have needed other running backs to step up.

Last week against Ole Miss, freshman D.J. Williams was the guy who carried the biggest load, rushing 24 times for 93 yards and a touchdown. He also had 3 catches for 11 yards.

As the Tigers head into the off week, coach Gus Malzahn had a lot of praise for the talented true freshman (via 247Sports):

“He held on to the football. Any time you’ve got a true freshman that’s really in primetime for the first time, you’re concerned about holding onto the football, and he’s done that in two big games. He’s got the workload in two big games, too. He’ll get nothing but better. He’s a real football-savvy guy. He can break tackles. He’s tough to tackle one on one. He’s got really good balance. So, you know, I’ve been real encouraged with his start carrying the football.”

Even if Whitlow is able to return coming out of the off week, Williams may have earned himself some continued playing time.

We’ll see what role he has moving forward against Georgia and Alabama down the stretch.