In a lot of ways, Gus Malzahn has taken to Florida as smooth as you could imagine. He seems relaxed and recharged to lead the Central Florida program this season.

In a press conference to explain how that will unfold, Malzahn shared what it’s been like moving to Florida from Auburn.

“I’m getting real comfortable with here,” he said. “I know how to get home and I know how to get to work. After that I’ve gotta take GPS, but I’m really enjoying living here.”

As far as his team, Malzahn said the players and coaches need to go through struggles before you really learn about each other.

“We’ll do as much as we can in fall camp to put them in game-type situations,” Malzahn said. “But there’s nothing like the real thing, the first game or two, that’s when everything is very clear. It’ll be a process, we’ll learn about our team and they’ll learn about me.”

UCF opens its season on Sept. 2 against Boise State.