The 2023 Iron Bowl was emotional for everyone on Auburn’s sideline, but especially for two players specifically.

DJ James, who was tasked with defending Isaiah Bond on the Jalen Milroe’s touchdown pass, and Koy Moore, who muffed the punt in the final minutes of the game, were shaken up after the game.

Hugh Freeze has seen how much James and Moore were hurting after the game, and he did his best to comfort them.

Freeze was also upset to see how many people were criticizing James after the game.

“I wish I had the right words for him. I tried hard. This world can be brutal,” Freeze said Monday in his press conference. “…you hate to see it when young men who are playing the game get attacked. I hate that. Those people need to get a life and a perspective.”

James was also quick to take accountability for missing the coverage. Freeze said after the game the cornerback said “I let you down.”