Penn State may have scored a big win over Auburn on Saturday night, but it seems Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin wasn’t pleased with how one aspect of the game unfolded.

On Tuesday, Franklin met with the media and shared more of his thoughts coming out of Penn State’s 28-20 win. And he explained why he appeared so animated on the Nittany Lions’ sideline throughout the contest at Beaver Stadium.

“I was fiery for a number of reasons last week because I felt like we were fighting more than Auburn,” Franklin said. “But again, I’m not going to get into the details of that, but I felt like we were fighting a lot. And I was happy to see our guys battle through it, mentally, physically, emotionally, the whole deal.”

That would seem to indicate that Franklin may not have been pleased with the officiating during the game. Penn State had 5 penalties for 35 yards (while Auburn had 6 for 45 yards), but there must have been some calls/no-calls from the SEC officiating crew that Franklin wasn’t happy about for him to allude that his team was battling more than its opponent.

It’s been a hot topic coming out of the game, which led to the SEC issuing a statement on a particular error that led to Penn State wrongly losing an extra down following an intentional-grounding call.

If the Nittany Lions had gone on to lose, Franklin would likely be even more upset. However, they held on late against the Tigers, who got stopped on each of their final 3 drives of the game.