The Auburn offense was in such a rhythm Saturday against Arkansas, that quarterback Jarrett Stidham didn’t notice a would-be fake injury stunt by defensive lineman McTelvin Agim when Arkansas had only nine players on the field.

Stidham scored on a 15-yard run to cap that sequence that was part of Auburn’s 52-20 victory.

“I kind of shocked myself, to be honest,” Stidham said, according to “I wasn’t really expecting to do that. I just saw an open lane, tried to make a play and keep the chains moving. That’s just what I try to do.”

Coach Gus Malzahn said Stidham’s play on those run-pass options were the key against the Arkansas defense.

“Of course keeping a couple of times on the edge to the boundary was really good,” Malzahn said. “It helped kind of bounce some of those later in the second half. It kind of made them play honest.”

The quarterback said he didn’t realize the attempted fake injury.

“I mean, I knew we were going really fast, and I knew they weren’t lined up,” he said. “But I was just kind of locked in on my read. It just kind of came at the right time.”

Arkansas coach Bret Bielema said after the game that the Razorbacks tried, but were unable to make a substitution before the play.