The Detroit Lions used two NFL Draft selections on running backs this year, former Georgia RB D’Andre Swift and former New Mexico State running back Jason Huntley. It was the second-round pick of Swift that had some wondering about former Auburn RB Kerryon Johnson’s reaction. Last month, Johnson didn’t appreciate a fan’s suggestion that Swift was coming for his job.

That may have given fans impressions of tension in the locker room, but Johnson recently explained he’s excited by the addition of Swift.

“I mean, look, I knew we were going to draft a running back eventually,” Johnson said. “I think we got, in my opinion, definitely one of the top two, so I love having a running mate, I love winning games and I think he can help us do that, so I wasn’t tripping at all.”

Johnson didn’t dodge acknowledging Swift’s strengths. He sees the potential for the two ball-carriers to complement each other.

“He’s a lot more elusive than I am, I would say,” Johnson said of Swift. “I think everybody would agree with that. But just having multiple running backs that are capable of running the ball at an efficient level whether the style is different or the style’s the same, just taking stress off one another. …

Johnson got to see what Swift brought to the table as a standout at Georgia. The former Auburn standout is looking forward to having the ex-Bulldog as a teammate.

“He’s a phenomenal player,” Johnson said. “I remember playing against him in college. I hated seeing him every time. We played against Nick Chubb and then Sony (Michel), and I’m telling you, when that kid stepped on the field, I mean he’s lightning in a bottle. He’s threatening to go 80 yards, 70, 60 every time he touches it, so I’m excited. I can learn from him; he can learn from me. We can all learn from each other, and we can all get better.”