There’s never been an easier time to get a visor in Auburn. Ever since Tigers coach Gus Malzahn switched to a hat for the LSU game, which AU won 18-13, he’s stuck with the hat in hopes of holding onto that same good luck.

And just like that, fans on the Plains don’t want to buy visors any more.

“It’s taken me forever to get rid of these (visors),” Maria Traylor, manager at Locker Room by Lids in Opelika, Ala., told’s James Crepea. “I could not tell you how many exactly, but I have sold precious few. … It’s gone through the floor.”

Fans want the hat that the coach is sporting, but it’s not an item Under Armour stocked, as Malzahn’s was custom embroidered.

“The hats are more popular (than the visors),” said Skip Johnston, manager at J&M Bookstore in Auburn. “Everybody wanted the hat Gus is wearing, but you can’t get them.”

Retailers hope to have the hats before the Vanderbilt game on Nov. 5.