The man responsible for infamously poisoning the original Toomer’s Oaks is behind on his payments. Again.

Harvey Updyke failed to make a restitution payment for the month of November. The last payment he made was $200 on Oct. 20, according to April Brown with the Elmore County Circuit Clerk’s office.

“It’s not going to have an updated due date because he’s so far behind,” Brown told The Plainsman.

Of the $796,731.98 that he owes, Updyke has paid $1,887. He typically pays $100 per month, $99 going toward restitution and a $1 processing fee, according to Brown.


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Updyke has gone other months without submitting payments. He was found in willful contempt of court in December 2014 and was ordered by Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob A. Walker III to pay an amount of $700 by Feb. 11 or go back to jail. Updyke paid $350 in January and $450 in March, but he didn’t make a payment in February.

Updyke plead guilty to criminal damage to an agricultural facility in 2013. He received six months in jail and was ordered by Walker to pay a restitution fee of $500 per month.