We all like to think we have more than we actually do. More money, more muscles, more smarts.

Auburn wants to think they have more national championships in football than they supposedly have.

According to AL.com, Auburn officials are still debating whether to claim more national championships in football. In May school athletic director Jay Jacobs was hopeful that a decision would be made prior to the season.

“We’ve decided that we’re just going to get through this season and not let it be a distraction for our fans or our team,” Jacobs said. “We already have them. It’s just a matter of if we recognize them and how that would be appropriate. Nobody can take anything away that we already have, but we’re going to wait until the end of the year to decide what, if anything, we’ll do to recognize those teams.

The school is debating whether to add championships for 1910, 1913, 1914, 1983, 1993 and 2004. The NCAA record book lists Auburn as a national champion in 1913, 1957, 1983, 1993 and 2010.

To go along with their 2010 national championship, the 1957 team is currently the only team that the school recognizes. That team  was recognized as national champions by the AP Poll even though they were on probation and did not participate in a bowl game. They finished with a record of ten wins and zero losses (10–0 overall, 7–0 in the SEC), as SEC champions in Ralph “Shug” Jordan’s, seventh season.

The seasons in question:

1910 – Led by head coach Mike Donahue (1904–1906, 1908–1922), the team went 6–1 while outscoring opponents 176–9.

1913 – Went 8–0, outscoring opponents 224–13. Champions of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

1914 – The Tigers finished as SIAA champions with a record of 8–0–1 , 5–0–1 in the SIAA. The Tigers didn’t let an opponent outscore score all season, 193–0. The 0-0 tie came against Georgia.

1983 – Finished the season with an 11–1 record and won their first SEC title since 1957.  No. 1 Nebraska and No. 2 Texas lost their bowl games while No. 3 Auburn defeated No. 8 Michigan State in the Sugar Bowl. The No. 5 Miami Hurricanes, who knocked off Nebraska, jumped from 5th to claim the AP National Championship. The Tigers did finish ranked first in a few polls including the computer rankings utilized by The New York Times.

1993 – The only major college football team to finish the season undefeated with a record of 11–0. The Tigers were on NCAA probation though. In the fall of 1991 Eric Ramsey, a former Auburn defensive back, revealed taped conversations detailing how he received money from of the Auburn football program. The ban meant no TV, no SEC Championship and no bowl game. The National Champions Foundation recognized Auburn as one of its 1993 national champions.

2004 – Despite a 13–0 record which included the SEC title, the Tigers were left out of the BCS National Championship game. The BCS ranked Southern Cal and Oklahoma No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. Auburn settled for the Sugar Bowl and defeated No. 9 Virginia Tech. The Trojans had the national title vacated years later after an investigation concluded that running back Reggie Bush and his family obtained impermissible benefits.