On Tuesday Auburn announced that it committed 21 secondary rules violations during 2013-14 academic year, including prematurely releasing bio info on a five-star recruit, this according to al.com.

In the report the school claimed that the Rashaan Evans’ bio info put up on the Auburn Athletics website was done by the media.

“Media personnel were able to hack into the site and ‘find’ the code to pull up the bio,” Auburn officials explained in a self-reported violation submitted to the NCAA in March. “The bio for Evans was then publicized on media sites. [Auburn] never posted the information on its own site, and never intended for the bio to be visible.”

Evans’ bio appeared on the school’s athletic website just prior to the five-star’s decision which school to attend. What made it worse for the Tigers was that Evans decided to go to Alabama over Auburn. Evans is an Auburn, Alabama, native.