It appears to be the same song, different verse at Auburn following a disappointing showing in a loss at South Carolina where three interceptions by QB Bo Nix put the Tigers in a bind.

There are questions, again, about the play-calling and general execution of the offense, and how much falls on offensive coordinator Chad Morris and how much is coach Gus Malzahn responsible for this season.

SEC Network host Paul Finebaum offered his perspective on the situation during his regular Monday appearance on “The Roundtable” on WJOX 94.5 in Birmingham, Alabama.

“For all of us that have defended Bo Nix, it’s difficult to defend him after Saturday and you can blame anyone you want and everyone wants to blame Gus Malzahn, but ultimately, you have to make some plays and maybe you have to have better plays to be put in,” Finebaum said. “The Auburn offense is a mess and I don’t know how this is an easily fixable situation. You start doing the math and you start saying thank goodness for the head official in the Arkansas game or otherwise, we would be talking about a dire situation right now. You have to search three or four years back to see a Gus Malzahn offense working consistently.”

The conversation predictably routinely transitions to leadership and outside candidates. Will a change be made, and who might make the call?

“The short-term question about the long-term stability of Auburn remains the same, and is there someone there who is going to change the direction, and I’m not talking about the athletics director because we hear the same thing out of athletics directors at Auburn,” Finebaum said. “Can we all agree that the athletics director does not call shots or will not call the shots? It’s a problem and there’s no getting around it, and I’ve been pretty steadfast in my support of, ‘Hey Malzahn’s done this and Malzahn’s done that, and the buyout’s too much,’ and I’m sure you already heard it and I’m sure you’ll hear it all day, but the Auburn family is growing very weary.”