After taking a 20-0 lead over LSU on Saturday afternoon, it looked like Auburn was going to roll to an easy victory.

However, LSU battled back to hand Gus Malzahn’s squad a devastating loss. Now, the Auburn coach is back on the hot seat.

On WJOX’s “The Morning Drive” on Monday morning, ESPN host Paul Finebaum said Auburn fans aren’t happy with going 8-4 every year and expect more from their program.

“That’s a difficult question, Jay,” he started. “Five or six weeks ago we were having the same question. The issue isn’t so much that Auburn doesn’t have a good program, they do. They have a nice program. But Auburn fans want a championship. They’re tired of going 8-4. They’re tired of losing the most important games on the schedule. And that’s really what we continue to see. This game was reminiscent of so many other big games. And I know some supporters of Gus Malzahn will want to say, ‘hey, we lost to Clemson.’ But you know what? LSU isn’t a very good team. Clemson is. And that’s why this hurts so much.

“It’s a game Auburn should have won; they let it get away. And now, the issue becomes where does the rest of this season go and how does it turn. And if you were to tell me that Auburn would lose to Georgia and Alabama — the No. 1 and 3 team in the country, that would mean Auburn would go 8-4. And I’m not even talking about Arkansas and A&M. That’s not good enough at Auburn.”

Finebaum continued, saying Auburn fans want a program that can compete consistently with the Alabamas and Georgias of the world, but Malzahn hasn’t provided that through five seasons.

“It’s about Georgia and Alabama. That was in a perfect world, and Auburn is no longer living in a perfect world. Is Auburn going to get out of College Station alive? That’s a major issue. It’s the two games we’ve been talking about since the end of last season. It may sound like I’m talking about Butch Jones, but I’m not. I’m talking about Gus Malzahn. But in a coach’s fifth year, you don’t want to be having these conversations. It’s really not excusable. Do I think Auburn has a good program? Yes.

“What makes it even more confusing and problematic is the culture right now at Auburn outside of football, the leadership at Auburn. I’m not trying to turn this into a ‘House of Cards’ episode, but it certainly looks like one.”

As Finebaum said, there’s no guarantee that the Tigers will beat Texas A&M — a team that has been playing very well lately.

If the Tigers fall to the Aggies, the seat under Malzahn will only continue to grow hotter.