Report: Auburn plans to hire recruit’s HS coach despite proposed ban

Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; Auburn Tigers head football coach Gus Malzahn on the field before the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn signed 16 new recruits on Wednesday, including Markaviest Bryant, a 4-star weak-side defensive end out of Crisp County (Cordele, Ga.). Bryant’s coach at Crisp County was Shelton Felton, who looks to be heading to the Plains as well.

Jay G. Tate of Auburn Sports is reporting that Auburn plans to hire Felton as a defensive analyst. Tate’s report caught the attention of some media members who note that Felton’s hire would be in violation of a proposed rule.

Earlier in January, at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Nashville, the association announced that it was proposing an “Individuals Associated With a Prospect” rule for college football. The rule would prohibit a school from hiring an individual associated with a current prospect from a high school, preparatory school or two-year college for a position, on-field or off-field, in the same sport.

Auburn is not the only school to hire a recruit’s coach, as Michigan hired the high school of 2016’s No. 1 recruit, Rashan Gary. Feldman notes that if the NCAA adopts the rule in April, it will be retroactive to January, meaning Felton will be out of his analyst job. At least one recruiting analyst believes Bryant picked Auburn over other offers because of Felton’s opportunity with the Tigers.

As far as the hire happening, Felton shot down the rumors to WALB’s Jake Wallace and told Auburn Undercover’s Brandon Marcello this afternoon that he had not been offered a position on the Tigers’ staff.

It will be interesting to watch if Felton ends up joining the staff, and if so, if he stays on past April.

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  • That’s one way to buy a kid. It’s slimy, underhanded and classless but hey….. it’s Auburn.

    • Its completely legal so why are you crying? #notmyrecruit got ya feeling down?

      • Actually, the NCAA is about to end this dirty recruiting practice. Maybe you can find someone to read the article to you.

        • You mean draw it with crayons

        • God you’re a hating moron clausen.You do know Thuga offered him a position too, right?Hypocrite…

        • Its so “dirty” that UGA, LSU & AU all reportedly offered the high school coach an analyst position. Whatever. As far as something being retroactive, that is just plain stupid. You cannot do that. FWIW, none of this happened.

    • And uga is the cleanest program in the sec thats why they havent won anything of importance in almost 40 years.

    • Damn straight…use Bama and UGA tactics against them. Do you know how many high school coaches of former recruits are currently on their staffs? Dozens…. It’s also being rumored that UGA and LSU offered the HC also. So suck on it…

    • Guess they must have recalled the BAGMAN from 2010!

    • yeah, it’s a common practice, LSU hire Sean Patterson as part of a package including Shea, then of course Cameron screwed it up by courting Franks.. Then of course Freeze swept them off to Ole Miss.

      Tom Herman surprised (fooled) the sportsworld by hiring Ed Olivers former HS coach… in fairness he did hire him a year before, so he could recruit Oliver.. ;)

      Harbaugh wasted no time hiring a kids dad, can’t remember the name.. don’t feel like looking it up.

      I happy to see the NCAA is doing away with it because this practice is just another way to funnel money to a players family. I doubt it will stop them, coaches are probably already thinking outside the box, like hiring a not so conspicous relative or trusted family friend.

  • Another High School Coach. That now makes 3. Are College coaches too costly for the Barn. Going to bring in a HS coach to help who?

  • Auburn can continue recruiting the way they want. They can come in and take players out of the state of GEORGIA but they can’t take a win from Georgia-9 for 11 bitches

  • How did Gus start his college coaching career?

  • With a name like Shelton Felton, how could you not like the guy?

  • Who cares! This happens all of the time.

  • College football is a place where young men can be amateurs, in dozens of sports and activities, in 5 divisions. Anything that attacks this, attacks education and the honor inherent. Almost every college football player relies on his education for food, shelter, medical care, debt repayment, and family for the rest of their lives. Everything that degrades amateurism, degrades quality of life for everyone else. Winning an NCAA championship does not magically repair this exploitation of students. It just puts a lot of money in the pockets of people that laugh at fans who pay to watch less honorable products. I don’t like Malzahn, but instead I will use Pinkel, who most of the time tried to do what was right. Now the fans are telling the University to clean up every trace of the bad character before they come back in force. This is far more important than going back to the SEC championship. I’m more proud of Missouri football for this than I could ever be for winning by itself. You the fans have the power, when you put up with bad character, you have bad character.