Kamryn Pettway was impressive last year, putting together the best four-game stretch by an Auburn RB since Bo Jackson. Pettway rushed for 150 yards for four straight games.

Pettway has been featured in a few different preseason Heisman odds entering 2017, and he likes his chances. Interestingly, Pettway says the passing game could be key to his Heisman candidacy.

“My goal is to just help my team the best way I can, and also it’s just been a dream for me growing up — I always wanted to win a Heisman,” said Pettway.

The video interview is below.

Jarrett Stidham, the much-anticipated QB transfer from Baylor, impressed Saturday completing 16-of-20 passes for 267 yards in Auburn’s spring game. Pettway also mentioned the receivers, and it would appear that an all-around more-balanced passing game would help everyone involved. The emergence of Nate Craig-Myers could be huge for this offense and huge for Pettway’s Heisman chances, according to him.

Last season, Auburn’s uncertainty at the QB spot led to the Tigers finishing dead last in the SEC with 169.5 passing yards per game. This also led to a huge workload by Pettway, who carried the ball 39, 27, 30, and 25 times during that prolific stretch from Week 6 through Week 9. This wear and tear due to a lack of a reliable passing game certainly impacted Pettway last season, and it could have been a factor that helped lead to his injury.

If the Auburn passing game can be as effective as the rushing attack in 2017, a Pettway Heisman run is certainly possible. Vegas certainly seems to think so, too.