Every college athletics department deals with secondary NCAA violations on a regular basis, since the thick NCAA rulebook leads to several situations that are nearly impossible to police.

According to a Wednesday report from AL.com, Auburn reported 22 secondary violations during the 2017-18 academic season.

As you can see in the excerpt below, the football team had the most violations, coming in with six for a variety of reasons:

Football once again led the department with six violations, up from five in 2016-17 and four in 2015-16, though three violations were for mistaken phone calls to recruits before permissible dates to do so. Two of the other three football violations were recruiting related, one for the institution providing “additional decorations in a restaurant during official visits” and the other for a “person of athletics interest” transporting a recruit to campus. The last football violation was for a scholarship player giving a walk-on teammate an electronic code to an online textbook, which is in impermissible benefit.

Obviously, these don’t sound all that serious, and it’s unlikely that Auburn receives any major punishment for this, but now the school knows what to focus on this school year.

The 22 violations was up from 17 in each of the last two school years, per the report.