The arms face of college football facilities is alive and well.

In an interview with, Auburn AD Allen Greene said the fundraising goal of a new football-only facility is close to happening. Greene has been rallying supporters for a new facility, and he’s encouraged by the feedback thus far. He hopes to be able to present the project to the Auburn Board of Trustees soon.

“It’s a project that we all know we need at some point,” Greene told “We have a number of members of the Auburn family who are stepping up and contributing. We have a board meeting coming up here soon; I’d love to push the ball further along at that point.”

The project is projected to cost around $60 million. Although the current facility has been remodeled multiple times, it was originally built in 1989, and it’s not as great as the brand new facilities within the conference.

“The Auburn family has responded to our request. They understand the importance of what we’re asking here,” Greene told “University administration understands the importance as well. The Board has asked for more information as far as how our project compares to our peers. I’m in the process of getting them that information. We’ll go from there.”