SEC Shorts tackled one of the biggest stories of the offseason in its first episode of the regular season: Auburn’s tumultuous offseason and how the Tigers are facing Bryan Harsin’s second year.

The head coach’s future, the resigning of the athletics director, and a slew of injuries to key players have Auburn fans a bit nervous for their first day back to school.

In this episode, “Auburn’s mom” addressed the start of the season this way:

“It’s OK to be nervous,” she said. “You’ve got untested coordinators, new players in key positions, a starting kicker coming off an ACL tear.”

Auburn then replied, “Yeah, but then all the other SEC teams are like really super good. Even Vanderbilt’s putting up 60 off the mainland. You know my passions lie with basketball and baseball now.”

Mom replied, “You’re good, too. Well, maybe a little thin at quarterback, definitely at offensive line. But yeah, you are good.”

Auburn replied, “Yeah, but people have been saying super mean things about how I’m going to do, it hurts my feelings and I don’t like it.

They then talked about the “click bait” media that drives an alarmist and headline-grabbing direction.

Then then switched out Pop Tarts for breakfast with a Mercer cupcake.