If you suffer from being an Auburn fan, SEC Shorts might have the cure.

SEC Shorts poked fun of Auburn’s loss to New Mexico State on Monday with a new video in the style of a commercial, advertising a new drug called “AuburnFansol Extra Strength.”

“I suffer from a condition called being an Auburn fan,” one Auburn fan said. “I’ll never forget the day that I was diagnosed. But with diet, exercise and mental dissociation, I’ve been able to successfully manage my condition and live a normal life.”

AuburnFansol Extra Strength is designed to help those with symptoms like “false hope after a three-game conference win streak” and “blood curdling rage at how you could win the pervious game on the road by 38 points only to follow it up with one of the most embarrassing losses in program history.”

But be careful, because the side effects can be pretty intense and include talking about the early 80s and 2010s, paying Bruce Pearl more money so you can continue to enjoy an Auburn sports team and renal failure.

Maybe Auburn fans will be rewarded for all they have to put up with as they take on Alabama next week, but its not looking promising for the Tigers after Saturday’s loss.