What was the biggest factor in TJ Finley’s decision to transfer to Auburn?

The former LSU quarterback really wanted to stay in the SEC and have the opportunity to compete not only for a starting role but to compete for championships at his new school.

During a Monday afternoon appearance on The Jordy Culotta Show, Finley revealed he has been committed to Auburn for a week and has already been studying the team’s new playbook.

Here is what the quarterback had to stay when asked about his decision to transfer to The Plains.

“I just felt Auburn was the best fit for me and gave me the best opportunity going forward,” Finley answered.

How big of a deal was staying in the SEC?

“It made the decision, I’m going to be honest,” Finley continued. “I never wanted to leave the SEC because I know the SEC will get me prepared for the NFL – in regards to coverages and things of that nature. I really wanted to stay in the SEC, so I did.”

The quarterback was then asked if he wanted to play for a program that would face LSU on the field.

“Not necessarily, I’m not out to get revenge or anything like that,” Finley shared. “I’m just focusing on myself, my development.”

Here is what Finley said when asked if he will have an opportunity to start at Auburn.

“First of all, I need to learn the playbook. I can’t play if I don’t know the playbook,” Finley continued. “I’m going in to learn the playbook and then when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be there.”

When asked again about the competition at Auburn, Finley expressed his belief that competing in the team’s new offense under new coaches should serve him well regarding competition for the starting job.

“I do feel like it’s an equal playing field when it comes to competition and learning the playbook, things of that nature,” Finley concluded.