Safe to say Tommy Tuberville is no fan of college athletes gaining the right to profit from their name, image and likeness.

If you were unaware, come July 1, that’s exactly what is set to happen all across the country as the majority of states have some form of NIL bills set to become law on Thursday.

The former Ole Miss and Auburn coach expressed his concerns when it comes to NIL recently, suggesting that NIL would impact the game in a negative way.

Senator Tommy Tuberville, a former bigtime football coach, told me last week he’s wary of impacts from paying players & even the name/image/likeness issue. He worries players might be enticed to go to bigger schools where they can make more money, and involving agents/lawyers/etc,according to Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis.

Surely Tuberville realized the point he was trying to make was already an issue.

There’s a reason why the best recruits come to the SEC to play. And if they can’t get into an SEC school, there’s always Clemson, Florida State, or Ohio State for elite recruits to fall back on.

It didn’t take long for social media to chime in on Tuberville’s comments, many of which poked fun at the fact the former coach was a buyout king during his career.