Last spring when the poisoned oak trees at Toomer’s Corner were taken down, the school decided to give the corner a new look. After months of construction and barricades around the area, the facelift was completed on Sunday.

New pavement, the Auburn creed etched in stone and a new circular seating wall have given the corner a fresh new look.

The only thing missing are the trees. In a report filed by Alabama News Networks Josh Ninke, Auburn Director of Communications Mike Clardy said new trees won’t be planted until the start of next year. Steps have already been taken to provide the new trees the best environment to grow.

“What you don’t see is going to make this so much different,” Clardy said. “What’s below the ground is going to give the new trees put in early next year a fighting chance to survive. We have put in some things that will let the roots grow a little bit easier and the soil isn’t as compact.”

Here is Ninke’s report just prior to the construction being complete.