All kinds of bets are placed throughout the college football season with various levels of probability. This week, one Vegas bettor has choose to put down money on a rather lopsided money-line.

Auburn is such a huge favorite against Kent State this Saturday that the money-line is -20,000. That means one would have to bet $20,000 to win $100 if Auburn beats Kent State (straight up).

A Vegas bettor has taken that bet, placing $1,000 on Auburn. If he wins, he’ll get $5.

Along with the $5, the bettor will also get the usually free drinks that come with placing a bet worth at least a few hundred dollars. Still, even though there’s little doubt Auburn will beat Kent State, this doesn’t seem like a worthwhile bet.

For what it’s worth, the ESPN FPI gives Kent State just a 1.5 percent chance of beating Auburn this weekend.